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Make sure of good neighbours - especially in these times

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us many things, including the real value of great neighbours – and the true awfulness of bad ones. And then there is also the law, regulating good neighbourliness and what neighbours should or should not indulge in.

According to Simei Verster of Neumann Van Rooyen Attorneys, in urban areas spaces are often limited. Resulting in situations where neighbours work on each other’s nerves. The famous “nuisance” claim is thrown around often, but what does this word mean in legal terms?   

Pretoria presents great residential sales opportunities for agents

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on the property market across South Africa, there are still significant investment opportunities to be had, especially in the residential sector. In line with this, Pretoria has emerged as an attractive destination with several areas showing great potential for growth, says Keabetswe Nkotswe, TUHF portfolio manager.

Identify movable items before agreeing on sale

Excitement is running high as you have just signed an offer to purchase your dream house. Perhaps it was the quirky water feature which caught your eye as you walked through the lush, well-kept garden or maybe the thought of spending long summer afternoons under the pergola. Whichever it was, you know you certainly made a good choice and now eagerly await the property to be registered in your name.

Speakers Corner: Companies now need moral restructuring

Thanks to the Covid Pandemic, depleted state finances and associated upheavals, combined with the inherent societal inequality the country has experienced for generations, South Africans are facing huge economic contractions and businesses will be hard put to merge past profit levels with current employment needs.

Shaun Barnes, Executive Director at 21st Century, a specialist remuneration and human capital consultancy, believes we are in uncharted social and economic waters right now.   

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