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Has residential rental, building markets recovered?

Experts differ in their views on the state of the industry and whether it is a buyers’ or sellers’ market, should you buy, hold onto your property or if renting is the answer to many an economic question in assessing your property assets.

Digital signatures accepted for sale of land, but be aware

Never in South Africa’s history, has there been such a concerted effort in the property industry as seen during levels 5 and 4 of lockdown. Estate agents, attorneys, sellers and purchasers had to find “alternative methods” to sign sale agreements for land, when they had no access to printers and could not meet face to face as everyone were accustomed to.

Speakers Corner: International alliance condemns SA government’s anti-property rights expropriation policy

An international alliance of 33 civil society groups from 28 countries endorsed an open letter to the people of South Africa, declaring its solidarity with them against the South African government’s disastrous plan to amend section 25 of the country’s Constitution to allow for the confiscation, and now even nationalisation, of private property without compensation.

Use walkthrough video and keep selling in winter

ADVERTORIAL: Traditionally there are fewer home buyers during the winter months because not many people are willing to go house hunting in cold weather. This meant less competition for sellers who wanted to do show houses, but the Corona pandemic has changed all that. People are now used to “shopping online” for their next home.

Extended lockdown will further hamper agents’ income

The Covid-19 pandemic keeps on playing a major role in the lives of South Africans and people worldwide. The economy in various sectors has been hard hit and the high number of deaths due to the fast spreading virus, has impacted the South African livelihood to a very large extent, something that would probably only be really realised once this has passed.

Extension of CPD points acquisition for 2020

The EAAB has extended the compliance period to finalise and catch up the required annual CPD points for the 2020 CPD programme to 31 August 2021.

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