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Continuous training crucial for professional industry service delivery

Training of estate agents and related professionals in the property industry is of the utmost importance and is a continuing process. The only wat to be able to continue delivering professional services on all the different levels of the industry, is to stay up to date with the latest legislation, trends, innovations and technology to assist in delivering this service.

Competition Commission Launches Online Market Inquiry – Key Priority Sector

The Competition Commission of South Africa (CCSA) officially commenced its market inquiry into online intermediation platforms in terms of section 43B of the Competition Act, No.89 of 1998.

Speakers Corner: Ramaphosa opposes custodianship of land

Although the current debate about the ongoing processes to get land reform in South Africa sorted does not have a direct impact on estate agents, if will in due course affect their operations as well. It will influence prices and the willingness to sell or buy land.

Reduce come-back risk with walk-trough inspection

A walk-through inspection won’t uncover everything a full inspection would, but it can still help reduce buyer risk in a hot market. Every agent should be able to spot the basic defects, or positive attributes, the residence under scrutiny should display to be able to provide the potential seller with the correct information about the condition of the house. Not disclosing defects could have dire consequences for the buyer, but it could also come back to bite the property professional in the back.

Are you ready for new tax season?

The South African Revenue Services (SARS) has announced that taxpayers will be able to file their tax returns from 1 July 2021 onwards.

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